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Escape to a different realm of Art and Storytelling in Virtual Reality

At Colibri XR, our purpose is to immerse audiences in unforgettable virtual experiences that inspire, engage and transform. We blend cutting-edge technology with creative storytelling to push the boundaries of virtual reality to create immersive worlds that captivate imaginations and leave a lasting impact on every user. 

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Listen to the stories told by drawings in Immersive Art Gallery

Colibri XR immersive art gallery is dedicated to promoting compassion, growing empathy, caring and kindness through virtual reality art. It is the room to listen to the stories told by drawings, soak into creative energy all around you, explore like children with their crayons, feel the joy of colours, tap into the power of feelings and emotions, fill the space with soul warming creations ... experience art with purpose.

Add an extra dimension to relaxation in
Virtual Reality Meditative Experience

Free Spirit VR immerses you into the meditative journey on the Inca path in the sacred valley of Peruvian Andes. Walking in beauty, connected with your heart and passion, you will explore the mountain track, admire the sunset above the Andean peaks, Urubamba river and mysterious Machu Picchu, listen to the sounds of nature and the relaxing native American flute and follow the voice of the wisdom woman inviting you to release the energy of the past and set your intentions for the future at the sacred fire while catching a glimpse of the Milky Way. 

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