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Blooming Sangha

"Breathing in, I see myself as a flower.

Breathing out, I feel fresh...

Every one of us is a flower in the garden of humanity"

From Happiness by Thich Nhat Hanh




The River and the Clouds

Inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh's poem "The River and the Clouds"


"The fresh and beautiful Moon is traveling in the utmost empty sky. When the mind-rivers of living beings are free, that image of the beautiful Moon will reflect in each of us"


"Once upon a time there was a beautiful River... One day she noticed the clouds within herself. Clouds of all sorts of colors and forms. She did nothing during these days but chase after clouds. She wanted to possess a cloud, to have one for herself. But clouds float and travel in the sky, and they are always changing their form. Sometimes they look like an overcoat, sometimes like a horse. Because of the nature of impermanence within the clouds, the River suffered very much. Her pleasure, her joy had become just chasing after clouds, one after another, but despair, anger, and hatred became her life. Then one day a strong wind came and blew away all the clouds in the sky. The sky became completely empty.... That night was the first opportunity for her to hear her own crying, the sounds of water crashing against the banks of the River. Because she was able to listen to her own voice, she discovered something quite important. She realized that what she had been looking for was already in herself. She found out that clouds are nothing but water. Clouds are born from water and will return to water. And she found out she herself was also water... When she opened her heart completely to the evening sky she received the image of the full Moon - beautiful, round, like a jewel within herself... The fresh and beautiful Moon is traveling in the utmost empty sky. When the mind-rivers of living beings are free, that image of the beautiful Moon will reflect in each of us. This was the mind of the river at that moment. She received the image of that beautiful Moon within her heart, and water, clouds, and the Moon took each other's hands and practiced walking meditation slowly, slowly to the ocean..."


The Gift

The story is inspired by the ancient Inca traditions, the mystical world of the Q‘ero shamans from the sacred valley of Peruvian Andes. A girl Estrella is searching for the lost Inca's treasure, the star of gold, that is believed to provide supernatural multi-talents and turn all dreams into being. She meets Laika, a powerful shaman, who invites the helpers on her journey, the sacred spirit animals. The spirits invite Estrella to extraordinary locations in the Under World, Middle World and Upper World. She follows the spirits of the Serpents, who whisper about the concealed knowledge they keep. The spirits of the Jaguar and the Puma cast a spell of a sudden transformation and Estrella gets lost on the way, however she is brave enough to continue the journey. She travels across the ocean with tiny courageous spirits of Hummingbirds, and explores the vast space with the spirits of the Eagle and the Condor. The girl finally meets the Father Sky and the Mother Earth, who tell her the story of their love, and give her a gift of a guiding star. Her feelings of powerlessness and fear disappear, and in their place arise courage, curiosity, and creativity. The star guides her home and magically becomes a golden necklace around Estrella's neck. The girl recognizes she found the treasure ...  all her multiple gifts were always with her, now reawakened.

(Jelena Januskevic)








Warrior of Light

Warriors of light

They put their swords aside

And observe the world being ruined in twilight

To create the things anew

With the power of their thoughts

(Jelena Januskevic)



Ancient Homeland

Mount Belukha

In very ancient times, among the tribes of the Altai Mountains, there was a rumor that a strange monster of snow and ice appeared in the Altai forests - a snowman, who for some reason was called the White Ear (in Russian Beloe Ukho), probably due to the fact that he had ears whiter than snow. The leader of one of the tribes had innumerable wealth. He heard about the Beloe Ukho and, in order to become famous among the other leaders and surprise them, he decided to take possession of him. He announced that he who catches the Beloe Ukho will receive a generous reward - half of his wealth. Dozens of heroes rushed in search of this mysterious creature. For many days and nights, they searched for him in the mountains and forests, until they finally found him. Beloe Ukho fiercely defended himself and did not want to surrender to his enemies, because he was used to living free. Then, seeing that they would not take the snowman alive, the heroes killed him, hoping that they would receive a reward for the dead. A snowman fell to the ground, exposing a dazzling white ear to the sun's rays. The heroes came to carry him away, but, no matter how powerful they were, they could not raise the snowman, they had to return empty-handed. In the place where the Beloe Ukho fell, a high mountain grew. Its top is always covered with snow and sticks out like an ear. People, looking at this mountain, called it Belukha, in memory of the proud bigfoot.

(The legend of Altai)


Virtual Reality Artwork by Jelena Januskevic

Virtual Reality Experience


Free Spirit VR

Immersive Meditation


Open your heart and fly

One step at a time

Transform your old self into love and freedom

Let the fire nourish you and all your relations


Free Spirit VR immerses you into the meditative journey on the Inca path in the sacred valley of Peruvian Andes. Walking in beauty, connected with your heart and passion, you will explore the mountain track, admire the sunset above the Andean peaks, Urubamba river and mysterious Machu Picchu, listen to the sounds of nature and the relaxing native American flute and follow the voice of the wisdom woman inviting you to release the energy of the past and set your intentions for the future at the sacred fire while catching a glimpse of the Milky Way.


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